Thursday, March 12, 2009


lookbook: lorick fall 09 
photographer: tom hines
art/director: roanne adams

funny cause i've only been watching godard films to keep the french in me alive.
i am more than impressed 
i cannot stop looking at the photos.
how do you take pictures like this?
see the entire story on her inspiring site

+photos: lorick


  1. they are rather great, the fact that they're set in ordinary places probably adds to the magic. (I don't think you can buy from minimarket unless you live in sweden? I just went to ebay to look for red bowler hat :P)

  2. Yeah what is it in the colors? Some look like old posters that were left hanging where the magenta faded and some look like cyan got taken out. Whatever the effect it's retro and lovely.

    I might of already asked you this but can you open your comment box up to other non affiliated domains? My google account is old. Thanks!