Friday, February 27, 2009


amazing. Thats my sister S!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


dummmmb title i know but so spot on i couldnt resist.

my sisters and  i pitched in to get a fur cap just like this one at barneys after new years. 
so glad we did. 
we take turns. i had it first then S.
i wore a similar outfit when it was my turn but next time ill try it with long red hair. 

+photo: garance dore

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I watch this all the time.


she is capes dance and shoulder pads. 
all good things with rosin murphy.

Monday, February 23, 2009


alexa cheung is my favorite.

+photo: garance dore


past season: line boy by band of outsiders with michelle williams.

+ photos:  


BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

beware it is a little long..... but worth it!


i wish i could wear this everyday. 
perfect coolgirlboy look. 

+ photo: Brook&Lyn


I just needed until friday when i get paid. 
but its over now. 
i will never be so lucky almost have nina ricci boots for 268 that are so sparkly to my heart and eyes.
its no ones fault but mine.
thank you Brook&Lyn for showing me something so pretty. 
p.s. she has really cool style and so pretty too. see here

+photos: Brook&Lyn

Sunday, February 22, 2009


just discovered The foxy man.
i really want to be her friend.
i have never seen anything like it before.
sooooo fetch. im going to check it everyday.

*note: look for medicinal corset or make my own.

+photos: the foxy man


these look like jem and the hologram earrings.  
i need them to talk to Synergy.

+ made her think earrings: starbust


michelle williams is soo pretty i cant take it. 
i tried to cut my hair like her last year but it can never be.
maybe because i am asian i dont know.
maybe should i try again. 
yes? no? 

+photos: uk vogue april 2008

*notes to self: buy easter egg clothes.


jen brill at a party video: must see and be a little jealouse because Jack and Lazaro just give her clothes


i really really like this jacket time 1000.
C should def get this jacket. 


must have suede YSL tribute pump with the tiniest ankle strap
purple is my new favorite color
note: J says jen brill is like the cooler version of michelle branch.
+photo: sartorialist


two days of my life spent on finding that maison martin margiela assym dress.
i don't want to give up.
last i talked to barneys, they said its too was 75% off.
i feel so sad. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009


These are way better i think. 
+YSL boots : jakandjil


very serious shoes. i didn't know this store was cool.
*PHOTO: fashiontost


*take in consideration that obviously the people at oaknyc know how to photograph clothes. Choose wisely.


Vena Cava bondage dress

I like this but i don't think everyone will. 
And its made out of silk.
I never tire of velvet blazers. The one who wears this will match me for sure.

Friday, February 20, 2009


oh my goodness I think this is me when i live in Sweden.
I think this is my sister J too.

you can click on it and make it more pretty.


lykke li is kind of old news but i love her still.
i never get tired of this.

must be swedish someday and have a baby toy piano.


fall 2007 ready to wear outfit 2:

i should have gotten marc by marc jacobs lace up ankle boots from seasons ago to be my forever more hot tramp boots. but i got a new computer and a new blog instead

not that i think shes a tramp it just i think i hear david bowie sing rebel rebel when she walks. i want to be cool like that.

p.s. check out super cool blog