Sunday, February 22, 2009


michelle williams is soo pretty i cant take it. 
i tried to cut my hair like her last year but it can never be.
maybe because i am asian i dont know.
maybe should i try again. 
yes? no? 

+photos: uk vogue april 2008

*notes to self: buy easter egg clothes.


  1. look at jen brill then look at michelle williams. i like jen brill. it looks like she doesnt do anything to her hair and it looks so good. remember that photo of michelle when its not styled...mushroom cut!

  2. hah so true. mushroom cut is not good.
    i can never decide if i want to be cool like jen or pretty like michelle.
    it works for them but when i do it (even if the clothes are from anthro) i look like a crazy grown up kindergartner or just boring dark clothes person, nothing special like jen.

  3. jen is more feasible. i think i want to grow my hair out long. i just keep on having flashbacks to the victoria secret fashion show.